The brief.

The ZYN brand reaches it’s audience through a variety of platforms and screen sizes; sharing content about their large and ever-growing portfolio of products. The brand looked to us to develop a system that could produce customizable, high-quality content; quickly and with minimal effort.

We created a versatile library of animated assets that can be easily modified across ZYN’s entire product line; enabling simple execution of high-end creative with limitless potential.

The Approach.

Strategy in Motion.

Using existing brand elements as a foundation for the library, we road-mapped an interconnected motion ecosystem that works in harmony and allows for endless combinations of assets. Including 3D packaging & products, logos, iconography, type presets, concert backgrounds, and more.

Fast and Flexible.

There are numerous flavors, strengths, and labels in the ZYN portfolio, so product animations were strategically built with UV mapped labels; enabling simple product swaps and avoiding long render times.

Brandcentric Movement.

The clean and purposeful design features of the ZYN brand served as our guiding principle for animation. Allowing us to bring the brand to life in a consistent manor that feels true to the brand’s ethos.

The Results.

Design and animation of the motion library assets, maximizes customization and enriches the brand’s communications with more dynamic and engaging creative. The library has become a powerful tool for keeping up with the ever-growing need for content; easily producing limitless high-end animations that are distinct to the ZYN brand.

"Everyone was impressed with the thought Antidote put into this initiative. Well done!"

Director Of Production Operations


  • Executive Creative Director: Ryan Bury
  • Creative Director: Tim Craft
  • Producer: Majka Koszykowski
  • Motion Design: Sky Goodman, Tim Craft
  • 3D Animation: Sky Goodman, Hunter Hempen
  • 2D Animation: Tim Craft
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