A New Way to Roll "Anthem"

Our client was challenged with developing, piloting and scaling a new customer experience aimed at reshaping the future of transportation, including a critical communication strategy for its 80,000 global employees. The brand turned to Antidote as a key partner to produce a highly-engaging illustration & animation campaign, designed to streamline messaging and increase comprehension for this groundbreaking initiative.

*Brand & VO removed for confidentiality.


  • Executive Producer: Michael Francis
  • Executive Creative Director: Ryan Bury
  • Creative Director: Tim Craft
  • Producer: Majka Koszykowski
  • Writer: Kerry Skiles
  • Illustration: Elena Chudoba, Ana Hill
  • 2D Animation: Arley Cornell, Kyle Martinez, Pedro Piccinini, Michelle Timpone
  • Character Animation: Arley Cornell, Matt Everton, Kyle Martinez, Pedro Piccinini
  • 3D Animation: Sky Goodman
  • Sound: Mike Radentz
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