Fieldview – Crop Science

Amazing data science featured in our latest project of a powerful tool that helps farmers make real-time, data-driven decisions for their crops with streamlined control and access across multiple platforms.

Together with the great people Paradowski Creative we developed art direction and animation – From start to finish. The clean aesthetic balanced with 3D realistic environments was an evolution of the brand’s current design system. While abstract concepts created a data visualization that supported simple comprehension for the science behind the product.


Client: Bayer
Brand: Climate Fieldview
Agency: Paradowski Creative

Executive Producer: Micheal Francis
Creative Directors: Ryan Bury & Tim Craft
Art Director & Lead Animation: Sky Goodman
3D Animation: Hunter Hempen & Ludrick Fortune
2D Animation: Ryan Bury & Ludrick Fortune
Edit/Color/Composite: Ryan Bury
Sound: Mike Radentz

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