Cybersecurity Campaign

While cybersecurity is a critical component of almost every business, many view it as a drag – a necessary evil. Boring and tedious at best. And at worst? Meddling, privacy-violating…maybe even a little creepy.

Trust was in short supply. And attention-spans were even shorter. This was a vital hurdle.

Build awareness.

Our task was to create content that humanized Cybersecurity. While also keeping tens of thousands global employees up-to-date in a consistent and timely fashion.

Brand new.

The campaign needed to feel like it could only come from our Client’s Cybersecurity division.

That meant a custom aesthetic and voice. Fresh, attention-getting and completely ownable. Nothing off the shelf.

Abstract aesthetic.

Design & illustration allowed us to clearly define and represent difficult concepts. Viewers didn’t need to visualize the abstract – We did it for them.


Our clean, approachable, human aesthetic helped make the sometimes-dry subject matter compelling and easy to understand.

Made it modular.

More for less. A simple enough concept, and one we used to great effect on this project. Basically, the core content was designed with the idea of additional deliverables in mind. We created a budget-conscious, cohesive campaign from the word “go”.

The initial project was broken up with quarterly deliverables; each concentrated on one area of cybersecurity. Every quarter, Antidote delivered a long form video, two short form videos, a piece of digital signage, and a poster. All mined from one core piece of content.


Annual Training Video x1
New Hire Training Video x1
Phishing 101 Training x1

Quarterly Long Form x4
Quarterly Short Form x8

Digital Signage x4
Branded Posters x4

Global Translations



Executive Producer: Michael Francis
Executive Creative Director: Ryan Bury
Creative Director: Tim Craft
Producer: Majka Koszykowski

Motion Design: Ana Hill, Mariana Corrionero, Julia Iverson, Tim Craft
Animation: Tim Craft, Sky Goodman, Hunter Hempen, Michelle Timpone, Zak Tietjen
Sound & Music: Mike Radentz
Copy: Aric Jost, Tim Craft, & Majka Koszykowski
Web Copy: Matt Glarner