Bioré "Charcoal Cleansers"

Rarely have we ever been so excited to work on something that truly SUCKS, but that was the case with this Bioré web spot produced at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic (which also sucked). A previously planned, new product shoot had to be scrapped for obvious reasons. So the ever-resourceful team at New Honor Society came up with a brilliant Plan B – to alter and combine existing footage selects with some new, super gross VFX scenes. That’s where we came in. We took the old, gave it a tweak, and then created some gnarly deep pore animations. Results, below.


  • Brand: Bioré
  • Agency: New Honor Society
  • Creative Director: Tom Nations
  • Agency Producer: Derek Burr
  • Production Director: Jered Schneider
  • Creative Content Director: Michael Logsdon
  • Copywriter: Amanda Burch
  • Project Manager: Samantha Weathers
  • Footage: Bruton Stroube
  • Post Producer: Majka Koszykowski
  • 3D Modeling & Animation: Sky Goodman, Hunter Hempen, Jim Roberson
  • Motion Graphics: Tim Craft
  • Edit & Compositing: Ryan Bury
  • Color: Kurt Simpson
  • VO Record: Brent Johnson (Coolfire Studios)
  • Sound: Mike Radentz
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